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Wed, 15 Aug 2012


Fordi, day 74 of Autumn, 559 [HerpetidBeach.png:sidepic]

Today I got out of the library to help my friend Orin. He just made Ranger, and we went feather hunting so he could make a heartwood charm. I started out clearing the windy area at the bottom of the cliff in the highlands, that was pretty good, there were about 14 scavenger birds there.

Then we coin-whored up through North West Forest to Herpetid Beach. That is the place to go feathering. If you can handle the herpetids that is.


Soon I was very drunk, I kept stumbling and falling down. Cheers! I almost fell, but I managed to hang on. After Orin and I stumbled around uncontrollably for a while, there weren't any more herpetids left, so we slowly sobered up. Then it was just scavenger bird after scavenger bird, they kept coming and coming! I had to kill 99 of them before I found a feather, just as Orin found one too. Good thing too, because when I tried to put the feather in my full pack it disappeared. :-S

Then we took the northern route around to the Ranger hideout. I'd never been in before. It occurred to me that maybe I should get around to taking the third circle fighter test...


After all that Vim was pretty mean to us, Orin brought 6 logs, and I happened to have 4, but he said they were all rotten or beetle infested. Sheesh.

After a quick run back to town I decided to take the 3rd circle fighter test. I could have passed ages ago, I went into the test a bit injured, and came out only about half dead. I probably should have at least attempted 4th circle, but what's the point really?

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