Wed, 15 Aug 2012

Concert with Bardic Challenge

So, yesterday there was a bard concert, always a good thing. There were bards there I hadn't seen in ages, if ever. I'm pretty sure I'd never met Fantasia before, and she presented an absolutely smashing trio for two gitors and a tuborn, "Riding the Drake 'Viola's song' ". Dren, who hasn't been out in quite a while I think, performed both the first piece he'd ever written, not bad considering, and a piece he'd written in the half hour before the concert. Also not bad considering. It was a good show overall.

[XepelActingUp.png:sidepicleft] [MyIsland.png:sidepicleft] [DuelChallenge.png:sidepicleft]

The real event of the night though was at the very end of the 'official' concert, (the unofficial concert went on for another 4 puddlehours,) when Coriakin challenged Xepel to a bard duel. Being his seconds, or rather part of his band, we were behind him on the stage, and the exchange went something like this:

"I'm sure you all know how Xepel has been acting lately" Coriakin said. "Strutting around like he's in charge of the guild, laying claim to Tenebrion's island..."

"... *My* island..." grinned Xepel. "... and Sareth's, of course. We co-own."

"In any event, I'm tired of Xepel's behavior. So I've challenged him to a duel, bard-style."

Xepel muttered to himself amid snarky comments from the audience. I snugged down my helmet incase of any immediate conflagration and Baraboo mimed whacking at someone with her bone flute.

"In about a season, (although the date is somewhat tentative), we will meet upon the bardly field of battle, and have it out, once and for all. The challenge is to form a band, and outplay the other's band." Amid many 'Battle of the Bands!' cries he went on, "Of course, I'm not sure whether my entry will count, because sometimes it seems more like Baraboo's band than mine ;)." (Notice he naturally says nothing about me. ;-> )

"... so I win by default, of course!" cried Xepel. "We hope you all come, to see me (and my band) trounce Coriakin."

"Will it be on Thieves Island?" asked Borkiron.

"It'll be in Tenebrion's former castle," said Coriakin.

Xepel nodded, "... now mine. And Sareths."

Then we played "Cori's Bossa th' World." Only he just called it "Cori's Bossa." I'm sure it was an oversight on his part though.

This 'battle' should be a great time. I hope Xepel can get a band together, and I think it's open to other bands as well. Come prove you're the greatest in the land, and maybe win a castle! Actually I have no idea what the stakes are.

There was also an interesting (to me) discussion at the final end of the concert about concert length. While it's true that the 'official' concert was only four puddlehours long, unofficially it went on for another four puddlehours. Apparently since Puddlebians are loath to miss anything entertaining or out of the ordinary folks feel compelled to stay the whole time. I'm a bit torn. On the one hand, I think more and shorter concerts would be better... But since they are seldom, it seems like a letdown to only play one song. Should we stop playing, just so folks don't feel like they're missing something if they have to leave? That seems a bit silly. Maybe some more definite break after the official concert? There must be some adequate compromise.