Wed, 15 Aug 2012

Clothes and Sasquatches


Today we had a great clan meeting. I was a bit distracted during the meeting, but I had fun playing a lot of my music. I've been trying to write more recently, but it's been pretty hard going. Sometimes it just is. Coriakin mentioned today that there is going to be a concert soon though, so I better get to it. Oops. I think I still have his Orga Drum!

Farhope and I traded outfits for a while, at first I didn't like her oranges on me, but after thinking about it, I decided they didn't really clash with my hair and belt, it was just so different from my normal blues and greens it seemed that way.

After the meeting we went to Melabrions Island, where we fought many sasquatch. After a brief run into a castle I've never been in, where I ignominiously fell, we regrouped outside, worked on healing up, and then were swarmed by baby sasquatch. We were thoroughly routed, and chased out into the water. We decided to regroup on Centuar Island, and Kiriel made a chair run back to the castle. Once we were all back on our feet we went back and thrashed all of those sasquatch and valley cougars. Well, slowly.