Fire Island/ Devil's Island


I realized recently that I know almost nothing of the Lok'Grotons myself. I've followed other folks around on occasion, being shepherded past wonders and curiosities, but that isn't very satisfying. So today I struck out on my own to acquire a sense of where I fit in the world.

First off, I had no money for a boat. Oops. After fixing that problem with a short run through northwest forest I cast off. And was immediately struck by the tiny island next to Puddleby. Had I even noticed it before? Could I land there? Yes! And was it boring. And was it large! Starting on the south side working east I ran around about half of it killing swarms of large vermine and a few crawlers before I got tired and cut into the middle. Once I reached the center, and was pelted by lava walkers and saw the cute little voolcons I realized I must be on Fire Island. I'd never seen more than the north beach approach to the interior.


After cleaning up a few wendeka I spotted a cave. Inside there was a satchel that I was able to rummage through, but nothing interesting inside.

Then I headed west and ran into a marsh. This island is interminable. There were swarms of leeches everywhere. Clearly these parts of the island are not often visited. On the other side of the marsh after running across a sand bar I found myself in a boat, and well, with that kind of abrupt send off, I left.

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Fire Island/ Devil's Island